Enter your rtsp link to the stream, for example: "rtsp://vaddi:qyrc5E78!?@"

Change video file length of the continuous recording


Change video file length of the event recording


Change buffer duration


Playback rate:  live
Select a recorded file to playback

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How to use the player in the global network

With an empty license file, you can only watch the stream on your computer locally (intranet).
If you would like to stream into the global network please take a key to activate the license.
You have personal 1 month validity key in the personal cabinet.
To activate key, please, use the activation application that is placed:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Streamedian\WS RTSP Proxy Server\activation_app
Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Streamedian/WS RTSP Proxy Server/activation_app
Linux (Ubunty, Debian, Centos, Fedora ): /usr/bin/wsp/activation_app

For more information go to documentation